Asset Management Portal

Managing assets from installation through to scheduled maintenance and the safe control of operations – plus claims management


C&C Group run the business operations for several IDNOs and IGTs so that they can concentrate on their energy network


C&C Group’s DUoS Billing system used by the vast majority of IDNOs and fully DCPR compliant


Holding up to date information on every MPAN to facilitate faster and more reliable switching.

iDNO in the cloud

Delivering functionality for IDNOs to manage their metered MPANs from creation to disconnection.


Market leading unmetered supplies solution for (I)DNOs to manage their unmetered MPANs’ full lifecycle

Property Data Services (PDS)

Matching and cleansing MPANs and MPRNs to UPRNs via a single API for use by Energy Suppliers


Market leading middleware connecting MPRS to the new faster switching CSS. Used by 26 of the 27 network operators



C&C Group software touches all 33m domestic electricity meter points in the UK. Our software has underpinned all customer switching within the UK electricity market since 2004. We provide tailored bespoke developments, services and products to a range of electricity market stakeholders both at a market level and also a market participant level.

As a leading provider of bespoke software, products and managed services in the UK utility sector, we are committed to continually improving the customer experience, enhancing efficiency and reducing costs.

  • We have developed and manage ECOES on behalf of the Retail Energy Code Company (RECCo) - and previously the MRA
  • It supports 20,000 concurrent users and processes over 300 million pre-payment transactions per year.
  • Our address management software and services manage 29 million GB domestic addresses.
  • We are the market leader in iDNO applications and communications providing a range of products and services to our growing list of iDNO customers.
  • Our RDP Managed Service transfers registration data securely to the DCC for >70% of UK DNO licences.
  • Our services and/or software are used in varying degrees by all UK Electricity Retailers, DNOs, metering agents, data collectors and meter asset providers.
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