Meeting the Challenge of Change


The introduction of retail competition is bringing unprecedented change to the water industry in England. Like in Scotland, Business and other non-household customers are now free to choose their supplier of water and wastewater retail services.

This evolution has meant that Retail and Wholesale organisations have introduced new software for interfacing and exchanging data with the Market Operator, Market Operator Services Limited (MOSL) and developed the capability to send and receive standardised bi-lateral communications with other market participants (Retail and Wholesale).

Nobody is better placed to help your business meet the challenge of change than C&C Group. We are the market leader in software-based managed solutions in the competitive water sector. We are working with Affinity Water (Wholesale and Retail), Bristol Water (Wholesale), Business Stream, Severn Trent (Wholesale), Waterplus, Wessex Water (Wholesale and Retail) and Yorkshire with our SWIM-world product offerings including SWIM-ware, our market leader in middleware messaging, SWIM-pool our market leader in middleware bilateral messaging and lastly SWIM-settlement validation. See further information below.


Our products are built on unrivalled expertise, with over 6 years as technical developer and custodian of the Scottish market’s central registration, switching and settlement arrangements.

We also work with both Water UK and SLTAP, underlining our commitment to ensure our people from support staff to developers are of the very highest pedigree.


Our purpose-built SWIM-ware market middleware messaging platform manages the flow of information between Wholesaler/Retailer back office systems and centralised industry systems in Scotland and England. SWIM-ware transmits  all CSD0301 defined market messages to and from MOSL.

Created to meet the specific needs of our customers, it reflects our extensive experience of developing and maintaining mission critical applications in switching, settlement secure market communications.

SWIM-ware has been adopted by a significant proportion of the English non household water market and is in use at Affinity Water, Affinity for Business, Business Stream, Severn Trent, Wessex Water, Water 2 Business, Water Plus and Yorkshire Water


SWIM-pool has been designed to facilitate non-primary communications, also commonly known as operational or bi-lateral communications, between market participants, both Retail and Wholesale. It is a water market specific solution built from our extensive experience of developing and maintaining secure market communications.

SWIM-Pool is now in live operations with Affinity Water, Business Stream, Severn Trent, Waterplus and Yorkshire Water. The retailer web interface enables any water retailer to access and create bilateral processes and interact with the SWIM-Pool hosting wholesaler

SWIM-Pool contains all the Forms defined in Part 3 of the Operational Terms of the Wholesale Retail code.  It also provides a mechanism to enable communications between Wholesalers and Retailers where there is a process described in the Operational Terms but where there is no corresponding Form. To see how Severn Trent solved its bi-lateral conundrum please view the SWIM Pool Case Study – Bilaterals.

SWIM-Pool Retailer HUB

The SWIM-Pool Retailer Hub is positive step forward towards centralising bilateral messaging. The Retailer Hub is available to all Retailers including new market entrants. The Retailer Hub interacts directly with wholesaler owned market leading SWIM-Pool solutions ensuring instant communication. To find out more about the Retailer Hub including our free service offering please click the link above.



SWIM-pool and the complementary SWIM-ware solution are designed as loosely coupled components in a service-oriented architecture. As such, both come fully interfaced with one another allowing primary and non-primary (operational) messages to be administered via a common user interface.

Both also share a common database, making it possible to link and automate market transactions and bilateral information with Wholesalers. This enables users to transmit, query and report on Market Operator (in Scotland the CMA and in England, MOSL) and bi-lateral messages (in England) via the SWIM GUI.


Our Settlement Validation allows Wholesalers and Retailers to calculate settlement charges using published tariffs against their respective data sets. The results can then be compared to the Market Settlement Reports issued by the Market Operator and any differences are identified. The application covers the lifecycle of a SPID, all possible paths through the system, and the related lifecycle status attached to these paths (validated, matched, unmatched, settled etc).

Settlement Validator plays a crucial role in providing Retailers with an accurate view of the costs – particularly wholesale – associated with an SPID to ensure they do not exceed the charges to the customer.


Data Diver is a free service that we think provides an essential utility function to assist with research and managing market change. Data Diver is a web service that enables water market analyst’s to search on data items and transaction types defined in CSD0301 for market operator transactions as well as data Items used within the SWIM-Pool bilateral standard. The service is inclusive of both the English and Scottish Non Household Water Market’s.

Data Diver is accessible now via


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