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One of the more complex sectors to be found in the modern business world, the pharmaceutical commercial model continues to evolve and diversify in response to new market drivers. Whether its commercial off the shelf products, bespoke software, managed services or data management, C&C Group is the ‘go to’ service provider to meet your wide ranging business needs.

With an established footprint in pharma spanning 20 years, and akin to energy, C&C Group provide managed services at a market level and also at a stakeholder level . We work with most of the top pharma companies in the world including GSK, Roche, Actavis Accord, Novartis and many others.

C&C Group’s Agreement Management System (AMS) application is a product used by 4 of the top 10 worldwide pharma companies and helps them optimise, analyse and administer commercial relationships between Wholesalers, Dispensing Practices, Retail Organisations, GP Consortia, Procurement Agencies, NHS Trusts, and Private Hospitals. It is the only contract lifecycle management solution built specifically for pharma businesses that is proven.

In addition, C&C Group is nominated by the HCP data vendors in the UK (Wilmington Healthcare and IMS Health) to operate a master database of doctor data on behalf of the industry. This master database (implemented with SEAMLESS our award winning industry-leading data quality and matching software platform) is used extensively in support of co-promotions, migrations, and data management by many of the top 30 pharma organisations.

Whilst the scale of technology required to grow share of voice and drive market share has fallen relative to the drop in field-based sales force numbers – the increased functional complexity and the intricacy of the data required to capture and analyse the expanding volumes of multi-channel pharma sales and marketing data has created a demand for cost-effective and reliable corporate IS platforms and solutions.

C&C Group technologists understand pharmaceuticals at a level of detail shared by their customers within the pharma business. This common understanding, subject matter expertise, and awareness of current industry affairs allows them to fully engage with the business and communicate ideas and directions resulting in fast to market, cost-effective, and innovative IT solutions.

C&C Group has been delivering technology and related solutions in the pharmaceutical sector for over 20 years. Our approach keeps us at the forefront of technology by making the latest advances available to clients in the context of their business requirements whilst supporting older systems and helping companies move forwards in a consistent, conservative, and risk-averse manner.






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