The Expertise to Evolve


In today’s rapidly developing commercial environment IT solutions need to add value to your business. They need to offer the flexibility to respond and adapt as circumstances and requirements change. To evolve as new market level needs and business drivers needs emerge. Essentially what is happening within the UK gas sector.


We have the knowledge. The experience. Significant existing software assets in which we are able to leverage. And because of this we have already taken the lead in the market in iGT communications.

Our latest ‘go to market’ application, developed by C&C Group, is our Enterprise strength iGT itC Application which provides all the functionality required to setup and maintain gas networks for independent gas transporters. The application is fully compliant with the changes being introduced as part of Project NEXUS and in RGMA communications.

Our cross-team, results-focused approach combines both market and technical knowledge with the communications expertise needed to foster the close working relationships required to help prepare our customers to meet the challenges they face.¬†Above all, we offer ‘on the ground’ experience of the gas market with 10+ years working with all the leading iGT businesses established in the gas sector.

We are also working with some of our key gas clients helping them prepare data and their systems in the prelude to a ‘common agency’ and single service provision being established within the UK gas market via Project Nexus.

We are working with a number of Big Six Retailers in address and data quality management across both gas and electricity to help improve their existing data and business processes, both for BAU and in preparation for the introduction of smart metering.

C&C Group has delivered market-leading business and IT innovation since 1987. We specialise in utilities across electricity, water, gas including cloud based services. More than a supplier to the sectors in which we operate, we have evolved into the leading service provider and are an integral part of them.

We are proud of our reputation for technical excellence, innovation and agility. C&C Group is the industry expert, investing significantly in maintaining an unrivaled knowledge of all commercial, competitive, regulatory, socio-economic and political aspects.

We are driven by the needs of clients, not the limitations of technology. So if it doesn’t exist, we quite simply create it. This solutions-driven approach enhances the customer experience. Reduces costs. Increases profits. And adds the value our customers need to make them competitive.


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