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The world is aplenty with issue tracking software. These are available in the cloud or on premises and all claim to be best in class. When C&C Group went to market to purchase or subscribe to one of these products we were surprised that none met our needs.

We found that products broadly fell into one of three categories:

  • Issue tracking for internal service desks. These are suited for mid to large organisations that have lots of users often requesting the same thing. This might be a password reset, hardware problem or loss of internet connectivity.
  • Issue tracking for companies with lots of end users. These are designed for organisations with direct channels to end consumers. Typically, this would be for a retailer with a range of products and which may interact only once or twice with a customer.
  • Bug tracking for software development projects.   These products are designed for software houses that wish to generate a ticket against a bug / defect and track it through to resolution and fix implementation. Some of these products are particularly complex to administer and maintain, requiring initial user requirements to be entered into the system from the outset.

C&C Group are a software house with a complex arrangement of clients, products and services. We needed a system which allows:

  • a C&C Group client to have more than one agreement / contract with us.
  • a C&C Group product to have one or more client contracts – with potentially different Service Level Agreements.
  • customers to raise tickets against products that they have not directly contracted for. This applies where we are the sub-contractor for a service. For example in our industry leading www.ecoes2.co.uk system for the electricity sector – we have a contract with Gemserv – but we can receive support enquiries from EDF Energy, Scottish Power and indeed any energy company.
  • tickets raised by one client against their contract may apply to other clients on their product installation – we needed a way to transfer tickets from a customer contract to the CoTS product as bug for defect fixing.
  • customers to log on and raise their own UAT issues and for an interactive experience with our test team.

This complex arrangements of clients, products and contracts is illustrated in the high level database design below.


track star


As we could not find anything on the market – we built our own system which we proudly call TrackStar. It includes all the great things that you’d expect from any good issue tracking software  including:

  • Active SLA management
  • Automatic scanning of emails to add to the ticket log
  • Flexible, customisable reporting
  • Powerful search features
  • User customisable dashboards
  • Powerful ticket timeline

If you are an organisation with many clients, who have many users and you have many products and services then Trackstar could be the system for you.

Please contact us for more information and a demonstration.

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