As part of the introduction of smart metering within the UK utility market, iDNOs and DNOs must provide or procure the provision of registration data to the Data Communications Company (the DCC) to drive billing and access control to the smart meters. C&C Group was contracted (via formal tender) to provide a service on behalf of (now) 15 of the 21 UK iDNO and DNO licences.

On 28th September 2016 the Secretary of State (SoS) issued a direction letter to industry ending transitional variations to SEC Registration Data provisions concluding that the relevant activation criteria had been met and therefore it was appropriate to designate the 29th September 2016 as the date that RDP should go Live.

C&C Group has taken great pride in this project, in working with the DCC and importantly in working with Brookfield Utilities (2 licences), Electricity Northwest, Energetics, ES Pipelines, Harlaxton, Scottish and Southern Energy Networks (2 licences), Northern Powergrid (2 licences) and UK Power Networks (3 licences) to be the first organisation to transfer live RDP files to the DCC. This is a fantastic achievement for C&C Group, in what has been a very difficult and fluid environment.

C&C Group are pleased to have been chosen by so many market participants to be an integral part of their programme of works and not just a service provider and importantly we look forward in continuing to nurture what were already very strong relationships with the parties we are representing.

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