Delivery of the CSS is being conducted in a number of stages each of which requires data migration activities to take place to enable operation of the new operational arrangements. At the end of June 2019, Stage 0 of the Programme delivering the CSS went live, and management of D0312 data was moved from ECOES to MPRS.

A C&C Group Programme of activities has been running to deliver the changes necessary to facilitate this; we have updated ECOES to accommodate the new data items being introduced,  and to remove now-deprecated functionality. Working with Gemserv and Industry Participants we also coordinated the large-scale data migration exercise which involved metering data being moved from ECOES to MPRS where it would be managed going forwards. Over 123 million records across the 27 Electricity MPIDS were migrated in a tight timeframe to MPRS systems, with no recorded errors or rejections.

By the end of July 2019, we will have processed in ECOES the full refresh files received from each IDNO/DNO, completing our part for Stage 0.

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