C&C Group as the Technical Assurance Agent (TAA) carries out inspections of Metering Systems in the GB market. As the TAA C&C Group has to ensure meters are compliant with all of the functions and responsibilities described in the BSC and any Code subsidiary documents (CSDs) for safety and accuracy of settlement purposes.

Being awarded the Technical Assurance Agent contract in 2006 was a key component in achieving our strategic objective of becoming an integral part of the UK’s utility sector. Winning a second term in office in 2012 reaffirmed ELEXONs confidence in C&C Group and the role we perform on its behalf. Building on this, C&C Group is delighted to announce it has extended its TAA contract with ELEXON for a further term of 2 years. Not only have we agreed to extend the length but we are excited that the scope of the contract and services has also been extended.

Over the next 24 months we are adding Offshore Windfarm (OSWF) inspections which will be a new experience with its own challenges including very real safety and logistics concerns. We will be undertaking more Central Volume Allocation (CVA) multi circuit inspections and introducing new ways of working in managing Pre and Post 283 related compliance.

In delivering the TAA service we are proud of our consistently high user satisfaction scores. We have significantly added to the quality, robustness and reliability of the service since becoming the TAA back in 2006. We look forward to building on this with ELEXON over the coming 24 months.

About C&C Group

C&C Group has delivered market-leading business and IT innovation since 1987. We are regarded as an industry expert, with an unrivalled knowledge of all commercial, competitive, regulatory, socio-economic and political aspects of the sectors in which we operate.

We provide ‘on the ground’ experience of the electricity and gas sectors working with a broad range of market participants. We have grown our business and continue to secure existing business through hard work and by recruiting the right people.

The continuing provision of the TAA function on behalf of ELEXON and industry reaffirms C&C Group as one of the leading service providers within GB utilities.

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