Mylan Pharmaceuticals completed the purchase of the Clozaril® anti-psychotic medication from Novartis in the Australian & New Zealand.

C&C Group has been a key I.T. supplier within the overall Clozaril supply chain for over 15 years and as part of the acquisition, we were contracted by Mylan to help migrate the I.T. systems from Novartis to Mylan.  Our work was focused in the area of Adverse Event reporting (or drug side effects reporting), which is a highly regulated function within the pharmaceuticals sector.

Our Electronic Clozaril Patient Monitoring System (eCPMS) systems now report into global clinical systems via the international standards of E2B structures and AS2 protocols.  The project was successfully completed on the 31st January 2018 following a number of months of meetings between London, Bengaluru (India), Pittsburgh, and Sydney.

Team members were Jon Edwards, Greg McGill, Barry Bird, Keith McTighe and Mark Vosper.

Mylan’s Sr. IT Project Manager, Pharmacovigilance and Global Medical Affairs said:

“Strong collaboration between Mylan teams of IT, Medical affairs, PV Business and Regulatory along with strong partnership with our external partner, C &C Group made this project a success. I want to take this opportunity to recognize the contribution of the project team members listed below. The passion and commitment in getting the job done by “doing what’s right, not what’s easy” was truly appreciated in this highly regulated environment. “

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