“After careful consideration of how we need to manage our messaging interactions with the Market Operator, we have selected C&C Group to support us on the journey to Market opening in April 2017. We’re looking forward to leveraging their extensive sector experience and commitment to this programme.”

Nick Rutherford, Bristol Water Programme Manager

Our purpose-built market middleware messaging platform, SWIM-ware, manages the flow of information between Wholesaler/Retailer back office systems and centralised industry systems.

A modular, service-oriented architecture, SWIM-ware integrates with SWIM-pool to deliver a best-of-breed communications platform for water Wholesalers and Retailers.

Our clients to date

  • Affinity Water (Retail and Wholesale
  • Bristol Water (Wholesale)
  • Business Stream
  • Severn Trent (Retail and Wholesale)
  • Wessex Water (Retail and Wholesale)
  • Waterplus

Jeopardy Management

SWIM-ware includes a scheduled job that calculates performance charge predictions. It uses a combination of information obtained from the market operator, messages dispatched to the market operator and responses received from the market operator to predict performance related charges. The jeopardy management module and calendar includes those that are unavoidable (elapsed), due to the date of the required action being in the past, and those that can be avoided (pending) by sending a particular message as part of a market process.

High Level Product Features

  • SWIM-ware can be provided on-premises or via the cloud.
  • SWIM-ware licences include keeping the software in line with Market Operator / regulatory rule changes and data catalogue changes. Negates any additional paid for changes as the market will evolve over time.
  • The JM functionality will warn your business of forthcoming performance charges that will be levied by the Market Operator unless remedial action is taken
  • LVI like functionality-not all processes will be automated on day 1 and therefore there is intrinsic value from being able to create LVI related communications so as to keep all market messages ‘together’ from an audit, tracking, reporting and customer service standpoint.
  • Multiple Environments-Over time software releases are expected to be made to the CMA and English MO environments, perhaps altering the list of transaction types available, their content or both. It is also expected that, from time to time, environments may contain different software releases; for example, future releases may be deployed and tested on a dedicated test environment that is ring-fenced from any production environment-SWIM-ware facilitates this.
  • SWIM-ware can be updated in advance of any code release dates so that the correct message structures (and their content), and any new transactions can be sent or received at a specific point in time after a new code release is enabled.
  • Flexible reporting engine that allows users to develop and save their own reports using a simple drag and drop interface
  • Provided with a comprehensive suite of pre-defined reports that can be exported to many formats, including PDF and Excel
  • User accounts are controlled by you.  You control the level of access each user is granted within the application and all user actions are fully audited.
  • Simple searching and wizard driven data entry minimise the impact on your users by providing an intuitive, familiar and friendly user interface reducing the need for application training

SWIM infra -Cloud Based

swim infra cloud

Contingency and Support

  • High resilient and redundant dedicated infrastructure.
  • No single point of failure.
  • Geographically disparate ISO certified Tier 4 data centres for production and DR
  • Load balanced
  • WAF protected
  • 24*7*365 availability, active monitoring and support
  • 2nd line and 3rd line support

SWIM-ware Internal Interfaces

  • Web Services
  • SOAP and / or RESTful

External to the MO

  • Defined by the market
  • In Scotland, the CMA listens via SOAP
  • SWIM-ware will push data to the MO.

To find out more and why C&C Group SWIM-ware product is the market leading middleware messaging platform, please email sales@candc-uk.com 

Our Clients include

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