SWIM-Hooks CSS Adapter for MPRS

SWIM-Hooks is C&C Group’s CSS Adapter offering built specifically and exclusively for MPRS that sends and receives real time messages both to and from the CSS. It is an extension to our SWIM product family which is the market leading middleware solution in the non-household competitive water market – enabling market messaging between centralised switching systems and market participants.

C&C Group are already unit testing the message transfer, validation and signing modules.

In summary SWIM-Hooks:

  • Is hosted in the Azure Cloud.
  • Receives MPRS compliant files and transforms to CSS compliant JSON messages and vice versa.
  • Validates the signature and structure of messages and files.
  • Signs outgoing CSS messages using each party’s private key and validates incoming messages using the CSS public key in accordance with the CSS Code of Connection.
  • Handles errors both synchronously and asynchronously, compliant with CSS requirements. A retry and failover mechanism is designed into the architecture.
  • Maintains a complete audit history of all messages and files as detailed in the CSS NFR.

SWIM-Hooks diagram_01

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