As part of the introduction of smart metering within the UK utility market, iDNOs and DNOs must provide or procure the provision of registration data to the Data Communications Company (the DCC) to drive billing and access control to the smart meters. C&C Group has been contracted (via formal tender) to provide a service on behalf of 15 of the 21 UK iDNO and DNO licences. 

The Client: 15 of the 21 UK DNO licence holders. 

The Project Brief:

To provide a secure, robust, conduit between MPRS and the DCC to transfer registration data to drive the UK’s smart metering access control arrangements.

The Background:

The Smart Energy Code (SEC) obliges DNOs to provide daily registration data via industry-defined DTC market messages to and from the Data Communications Company (DCC). This ensures that only authorised parties such as the Retailer, Mop or DNO can access meters.

C&C Group has been nominated as RDP agent by 15 of the 21 UK Distribution Network Operators (DNOs). We provide and manage the secure transmission of market messages to and from the DCC in full compliance with SEC security requirements.

As an authorised responsible officer (ARO) for registration data security, C&C Group is fully compliant with the US Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS 2). We are also ARO and SEC authorised.


The Solution:

  • The C&C RDP Managed Service facilitates the communication, management and security of messages and responses between DNO service users and the DCC.
  • DNOs send flows, defined in the industry’s Data Transfer Catalogue (DTC), to the C&C Group RDP Managed Service via a secure communications channel.
  • C&C Group validate the message, add a bespoke software security wrapper, digitally sign it with SMKI and transmit it to the DCC.
  • Certified private/public key pairs offer an additional level of security, with all keys stored in a HSM.
  • Messages from the DCC to a DNO follow the same process but in reverse.
  • The fully-managed messaging service is hosted by two of our ISO27001 data centres, providing warm standby business continuity.
  • Production servers are mirrored to secondary servers located at remote data centres. This ensures disaster recovery (DR) servers remain as up to date as their primary counterparts.



The Benefits:

  • A secure turnkey solution for (i)DNOs to transfer data to and from the DCC in full compliance with SEC security requirements.
  • Leveraging existing communications infrastructure keeps costs under control and mitigates operational impact on (i)DNO businesses.

What the client said:

“C&C Group with its inherent knowledge of MPRS and demonstrable experience in the provision of market leading secure communications was the stand out bidder technically and commercially during the tender process. They have continually demonstrated their professionalism in managing a very tricky and fluid smart metering landscape to the great satisfaction of its signed up DNO parties.”

About C&C Group:

Over the past 2 years we have worked with (i)DNO licences to provide a secure conduit between MPRS systems and the DCC. This includes the completion of UAT and SMKI Repository Entry Process Testing (SREPT) and are presently in SIT testing with the DCC.

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