NiCKEL is C&C Group’s water billing solution targeted at existing water companies and prospective new market entrants within the Non-Household Retail market. NiCKEL leverages our knowledge and capability within billing and settlements and utilises the latest Graphical User Interface (GUI) design concepts to ensure the look-and-feel is consistent with modern applications. NiCKEL has been designed, built and deployed in conjunction with a successful Scottish Retailer and we are now actively exploring and responding to opportunities with WOCs and WASCs within England.

Key Functionality

Customer Acquisition

  • Market and target data
  • Competitor pricing analysis
  • Flexible tariff models including discounted competitor tariffs
  • Cost and margin analysis including wholesale settlement calculator
  • Detailed quotation generation
  • Negotiation lifecycle support
  • Closure support and documentation
  • Consumption Analysis and extrapolation
  • Fail to close analysis and re-target support

Quotation Management

  • The ability to generate and manage quotations for prospective customers


  • Data driven tariff engine
  • Bill generation
  • Bill production (Preparation and issuance of invoices electronically).
  • Consolidated (single customer view) billing
  • Sundry / service bills including trade affluent
  • Reconciliation between customer billing and wholesale charges.
  • Tariff Engine
  • Cashflow Protection Support

 nickel Picture1

ODS=Operational Data Set

MDS = Market Data Set

  • Payment Plans for customers.
  • Single Customer View-tariffs, bills (calculation and production).
  • SPID & Meter Data Management (repository of consumption history details).
  • Customer Contact Management
  • Integration with 3rd party accountancy software packages e.g. SAGE.
  • Monitoring and alerting customers to forthcoming MO performance charges.
  • Reporting, including canned reports and management dashboards.
  • Compatible with SWIM C&C Group’s HVI market messaging solution.

If you are an existing water market participant or a prospective new market entrant with a need for a cost effective billing platform in the non-household retail space we would be delighted to talk through the NiCKEL billing solution and your requirements in more detail. NiCKEL can be installed locally within your IT estate or can be provided by C&C Group as a fully managed cloud based offering. C&C Group are developing a road map for NiCKEL by introducing new functionality driven by market demand or equally we would be happy to work with organisations whether existing water companies or new market entrants that have a need for more immediate and specific enhancements. Please ring 01883 621006 or email for more information.


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