MPRS sits at the heart of competitive UK domestic electricity supply. A decentralised solution, it manages MPAN registration and change-of-supplier processes and enables distribution businesses to provide the obligatory (via licence) the Metering Point Administration Service (MPAS).

The Client:  logo-design-for-St-Clements

The Project Brief:

Develop, test, host and manage MPRS software on behalf of SCS and electricity DNOs, with a particular emphasis on change management.

The Solution:

  • C&C Group undertakes all technical and support responsibility for the consortium MPRS system
  • Over the years we have developed and supported the registration function now used by all licensed UK DNOs and iDNOs.
  • This means C&C Group is effectively responsible for the all and any registration services developments for every single electricity connection point in GB.
  • In addition to continally developing and managing MPRS software, C&C Group also hosts and manages the MPRS application on behalf of a growing number of DNOs.

The Benefits:

  • Our software manages all 33m electricity meter points in the UK.
  • The software we write, develop and test underpins all customer switching within the UK electricity market – and has done so since 2004.
  • Every Distribution Network organisation uses MPRS.
  • As the core developer and support technicians, we are uniquely placed to host and manage MPRS on behalf of a growing customer base.

What the Client said:

The results of a recent customer satisfaction survey among DNOs testify to the success of MPRS.

Question 2014 2015 + / –
The C&C Help Desk record my call details efficiently and effectively. 4.4 4.7 +0.3
The C&C Help Desk progress calls at a suitable speed. 4.4 4.7 +0.3
C&C staff keep me informed of my call progress. 4.4 4.7 +0.3
C&C provide knowledgeable advice about MPRS. 4.4 4.7 +0.3
The information issued from the C&C Help Desk is effective and useful. 4.1 4.5 +0.4

All scores are out of 5.

Since going live in 1998, MPRS has continually evolved to reflect industry- and user-driven changes, including the development of smart metering. C&C has developed and managed MPRS software since 2004 and remain uniquely placed as the ‘go to’ software specialists for central market switching/mission critical applications.

About C&C Group

C&C Group has delivered market-leading business and IT innovation since 1987.  We specialise in utilities across electricity, water, gas including cloud based services. More than a supplier to the sectors in which we operate, we have evolved into the leading service provider and are an integral part of them.

We are proud of our reputation for technical excellence, innovation and agility. C&C Group is the industry expert, investing significantly in maintaining an unrivalled knowledge of all commercial, competitive, regulatory, socio-economic and political aspects.

We are driven by the needs of clients, not the limitations of technology. So if it doesn’t exist, we quite simply create it. This solutions-driven approach enhances the customer experience. Reduces costs. Increases profits. And adds the value our customers need to make them competitive.


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