Water UK represents all major statutory water and wastewater service supply organisations in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Water UK works at both a national and a European level for a strong water industry on behalf of its members and stakeholders. Its prime focus is on high-level policy: instigating and facilitating the development of a sustainable water policy that ensures lasting economic, social and environmental benefits for the UK.

The Client: water UK

The Background:

The Flood and Water Management Act 2010 requires landlords to provide information on who is liable for water bills and sewerage charges, helping to improve billing accuracy and revenue collection. In return, water and sewerage companies in England and Wales committed to the provision of a single national portal to collect this data.

The Project Brief:

To develop, build, test, deploy, host and maintain a common industry portal based on the following high level project requirements:

  • Web page design, style and branding
  • Application build
  • Reference data take-on
  • Testing (including system test plans, performance testing, user acceptance testing)
  • Fully secure with access via login
  • Available 24/7, with industry strength back up and service desk
  • Common front end

The Solution:

Landlord TAP portal is an easy to use website that allows Landlords and Managing Agents of properties in England and Wales to provide water companies with details of the tenants responsible for the payment of water and/or sewerage charges.

The website also allows landlords to:

  • Add new properties to a portfolio
  • Confirm changes to tenant details
  • Confirm changes of tenancy
  • Confirm when a property is about to or has already become vacant
  • Confirm when/if a property is sold or needs to be removed from a portfolio

The Benefits:

  • Single portal for landlords to provide information on their properties, covering all regions of England and Wales
  • Fully secure with access via secure login
  • Available 24/7, with industry strength back up
  • Front end common to all so familiar and intuitive ‘look and feel’
  • Easy to use
  • Auditable
  • Reliable
  • Has helped tackle the rising debt issue within the water industry
  • Offers High Volume Interfaces to every water company throughout England and Wales

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