Developed by C&C Group, the iGT itC Application provides all the functionality required to setup and maintain gas networks for independent gas transporters. Importantly, it comes fully compliant with the changes being introduced as part of Project NEXUS and RGMA in the move to single service provision.

As a Cloud solution, there is no installation or hosting issues, users simply login to the application through their browsers. The user experience is intuitive, smooth and simple, with wizards to guide them through the more demanding functions, such as CSEP creation or invoice production. The application can also be easily configured to interface directly with Xoserve’s IXN to transmit, receive and marshal gas flows.


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Some High Level Product Features

  • CSEP Connection and Network Management for both directly connected and nested networks
  • Developments and Developers for Asset Adoption and Infill type developments
  • Supply Point creation and management including maintenance of vulnerable customer information and MPRN creation and management
  • Meter and Asset Management compliant with RGMA and other MAM processes.
  • Fully SMART aware meter specifications and integration with MDD
  • Fully automated invoicing including email of standard backing data to Shippers
  • Calculation and annual inflation of RPC Prices
  • Inclusive Metering charge setup and maintenance and early termination fee recovery
  • Automatic creation and processing of all data flows for SSP2 including RGMA, Shipper communications (portfolio extracts, etc.), National Grid EM3 files, Meter Fit Reports and PSR Files
  • Meter Works management including one-off new connections with customer and contractor communication logs, invoice creation and follow up
  • Complaint handling and management with integrated, configurable GSS alerts and in-built email functions to communicate with customers and contractors
  • Schedule, produce and capture audit and inspection activities, must reads and meter exchanges
  • Intuitive searching and integration with Bing Maps to highlight network boundaries and CSEP connection points

iGT itC has been specifically designed for independent gas transporters operating within the UK gas transportation market. It’s already in use across multiple iGTs providing significant value in managing their holistic operations. Being Nexus compliant, it is the only solution any potential new market entrants should be considering. To find out more about the application and why C&C Group is the market leader in iGT and iDNO communications, please call 01737 907766 or email for more information.



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