The Client: MRA

The Project: 

Green Deal Central Charge Database (GDCC)

The GDCC is a centralised market system that receives and processes industry-defined message flows from Retailers, DNOs, Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) registers, Green Deal Providers, Remittance Processors and the ECOES database.

The Brief:

Develop, build, test, implement and then maintain a Green Deal Central Charge (GDCC) database. The GDCC needed to record and store the charge data that facilitates the collection and remittance of payments for up to 6 million Green Deal Plans.

The Solution:

  • The majority of transactions are DTC flows. Transactions to the two EPC registers, however, use RESTful services while enquiries to the ECOES database employ XML web services.
  • This hugely complicated project required the co-operation and management of a large number of stakeholders, whilst meeting a fixed deadline specified by DECC.
  • C&C Group manage the database from our two data centres. It is secured behind firewalls, an Intrusion Protection System (IPS) and a Web Application Firewall (WAF).
  • Independent penetration tests undertaken by Nettitude confirm the high level of security. And the GDCC is as reliable as it is secure: the service offers 99.99% availability 24/7/365 and a support function to match.

The Benefits:

  • The Energy Act (2011) allows the cost of energy efficiency improvements to be re-paid via electricity bills – the so-called Green Deal. The GD CC db enables energy suppliers to undertake the appropriate billing and collection.
  • Green Deal market participants (licensees, providers and remittance processors) use the GDCCDB to securely interact with each other, set up Green Deal Plans, and send any necessary amendments once a Plan goes live.
  • The database makes it easy for energy companies and Green Deal Providers to share information on individual Green Deal Plans and for customers to switch suppliers.

The Feedback

The delivery of the Green Deal Central Charge database on time by C&C Group was a major milestone towards the Green Deal becoming market-ready.”

Nigel Bromley, Chairman, MRASCO


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