Supporting healthcare professionals across the NHS

At a holistic level, eCPMS supports healthcare professionals in monitoring the wellbeing of patients suffering from treatment-resistant schizophrenia. Deployed throughout the NHS, the system allows point of care haematology results to be processed for dispensing decisions within seconds.

Phase 4 clinical trial systems

C&C Group is responsible for the development, support and hosting of phase 4 clinical trial systems (holding named patient records for treatment-resistant schizophrenics) in both Australia and New Zealand.

In the UK, a system of specialist networked devices connects point of care blood analysis units throughout the NHS and private healthcare sectors. These devices use C&C Group software and are fully supported and maintained by our field-based technicians.

Security is of paramount importance

This eCPMS system offers full GxP ‘validated’ status as audited by MHRA and FDA. This status that reflects the life-critical nature and exceptionally high sensitivity of data. In fact, no higher standard in data security or IT quality assurance exists outside the military.

We continue to cross-fertilise our inherent knowledge of and capability in the pharma space to develop our product offerings within UK utilities were data protection and the security of data is also of utmost importance.



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