ECOES is funded by UK electricity Suppliers and Distribution Network Operators and is governed under the MRA. Users of ECOES include Suppliers, MPAS Providers, Distribution Businesses, Supplier Agents (Data Collectors, Meter Operators, Data Aggregators, PPMIPs and Meter Asset Providers), and other users as are agreed by The MRA Development Board (MDB) such as the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) and the National Consumer Council.

The Client:       MRA

The Project Brief:

To design, build, test, host and fully manage an industry strength, central market application (ISO27001 certified) with full resilience inbuilt to provide a centralised view of all 32 million UK  MPANs.

The Solution:

The provision of an online fully managed portal to view standing data for all GB electricity Metering Points.

ECOES is a mission critical industry class market messaging & integration platform providing pre and post Registration check and other services to the entire GB electricity industry.  ECOES maintains a database of over 33 million meter points together with the full supplier customer registration history since market opening, meter technical details and portfolio management for non-domestic customers.

Data is integrated and updated on a nightly basis via a mix of direct sFTP interfaces, (catalogued) EDI market messaging via the Data Transfer Network (DTN) and a suite of (catalogued) SOAP Web services. Incremental data additions and updates are received and processed on a daily basis from all electricity licensed distribution network operators (LDNO), all electricity meter operators (MOp) and all pre-payment meter infrastructure provision providers (PPMIP).

The ECOES service has 99.99% availability 24*7*365 and has a support function reflecting this.

Who has access to what data and what services is dynamically controlled via a sophisticated security matrix stored within the database and maintained by the user organisation master users. All access to data services are according to the security matrix at the time of the service request. The security matrix controls access to data at both a function (service) and data item granularity.

With the exception of one short interruption, since inception in October 2002 the service has been 100% available, day and night. That is over 70,000 hours of continuous availability.

The Benefits:

  • ECOES has had 100% availability day on day, week on week, month on month and year on year for the > 10 years.
  • ECOES supports over 80,000 market participant users helping businesses across customer service, billing, operations and asset management
  • Typically there can up to 8,000 concurrent interactive portal users from a broad spectrum of electricity market roles (Supply agents, DNO agents, metering agents, asset providers etc) at any one time
  • In the region of 50 million web-service (SOAP & REST) messages are processed in a given month
  • The ECOES application processes 300 million pre-payment transactions per year

What the Client said:

ECOES has become an integral part of the electricity industry. It is the de facto ‘go to’ portal helping market participants serve customers whilst driving innovation within their respective businesses. The fact that ECOES has had 100% reliability and availability for over 10 years is testament to C&C Group’s undoubted ability in designing, managing and supporting central market infrastructure.

About C&C Group

C&C Group designed, built and has provided ECOES as a fully managed and hosted service since 2005.

C&C Group delivers market-leading business and IT services and specialises in utilities across electricity, water and gas, in pharmaceuticals including a growing emphasis and demand for cloud based services. More than a supplier to the sectors in which we operate, we have evolved into the leading service provider an are integral part of them.

We are proud of our reputation for technical excellence, innovation, agility and in-depth industry knowledge. C&C Group is the industry expert, investing significantly in maintaining an unrivalled knowledge of all commercial, competitive, regulatory, socio-economic and political aspects.

We are driven by the needs of clients, not the limitations of technology. So if it doesn’t exist, we quite simply create it. This solutions-driven approach increases competitiveness. Enhances the customer experience. Reduces costs. Increases profits. We look forward to achieving the same for your organisation.

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