DNO in the Cloud

C&C Group’s DNO itC application provides DNOs and end-users with the ability to set up and maintain developments, connections, metering points, MPANs and assets. In addition to maintenance and inspection management, our DNO itC also offers fully automated DTC and MPRS DB file management.

dno itc

Total Security

Our DNO itC application incorporates industry-grade security, maintainability and scalability. Customers retain full control of individual user access to data and functionality, while a full audit trail of user activity is provided. And our technicians are always on hand to resolve any issues quickly and efficiently.

Straightforward to implement and use

As a cloud solution, there are no installation or hosting issues: simply log in via a browser. In addition, the system simplifies and validates data entry while streamlining iDNO business processes, mitigating the risk of user error.

Customisable interface

The application can be skinned to reflect individual company branding and colour schemes. Dashboards and design can be tailored to specific requirements. Users can also execute and save personalised reports and then export them in the chosen format, including PDF and Excel. Additional modules can also be designed to manage new processes or new business areas as they come on line.

High Level Product Features

  • Complete management of connections
  • Creation and management of new developments and developers
  • Management of metering points, including maintenance of vulnerable customer information and MPAN creation and management
  • Integration with Market Domain Data (MDD)
  • Integration and synchronisation with MPRS
  • Management of planned and unplanned outages
  • DTC and DB Flow creation and processing
  • Complaint handling and management with integrated, configurable GSS alerts and in-built email functions to communicate with customers and contractors
  • Fully integrated Asset Register
  • Schedule, produce, capture and audit site inspections
  • Centralised document storage and retrieval
  • Flexible reporting engine allows users to develop and save their own reports using a simple drag and drop interface
  • Comprehensive suite of pre-defined reports can be exported to a range of formats, including PDF and Excel
  • Full control of user accounts and the level of access each user is granted, with user actions fully audited
  • Simple searching and wizard driven data entry provide an intuitive, familiar and friendly user interface, reducing the need for training

In addition to DNO in the cloud, we offer a range of other products and services to faciliate DNOs (existing and new market entrants) to operate within the UK electricity market. To find out more, email: info@candc-uk.com


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