ADQM and CAB, used to manage every DNOs Metering Point Address in the UK electricity market. The proven market leading applications in address management.

Our Clients:

Every large Distribution Network Operators within the GB electricity market – Electricity North West, Northern Powergrid, Scottish Power, SSE Networks, UK Power Networks and Western Power.

The Project: 

To develop the utility market’s most robust address data quality management application to manage address records from cradle to grave. In our experience, linking customer and address records to a reference data set, such as Ordnance Survey’s Address Base Premium helps markets and industry participants to significantly improve business and industry processes and ultimately the customer experience. A good and highly relevant example is the Change of Supply (CoS) process where poor address quality in the energy sector historically had been the primary reason for slow, failed and erroneous customer transfers.

The Project Brief:

To design, build, provide and manage the electricity industry’s most comprehensive address data quality management system that can be deployed on-premises or accessed via C&C Group’s cloud based services.

The Solution:

ADQM is a schema that can reside on the same database as MPRS.  Some DNOs have found this to be an attractive arrangement from a cost of ownership perspective, however ADQM can also standalone and reside on its own database. At the heart of ADQM is C&C Group’s highly respected SEAMLESS product. SEAMLESS is C&C Group’s customer and address data cleansing, matching and enhancement solution. The sophisticated data quality management algorithms and matching routines within SEAMLESS have been developed and enhanced over a 20+year period, delivering proven and accurate results.

At a high level, ADQM can use any of the following master address datasets:

  • Address Base Premium;
  • Postcode Address File® (PAF), PAF Not Built Yet, PAF Just Built;

The sophisticated processes within ADQM automatically match any new or changed addresses in ADQM with the master address list based on a configurable knowledge base. Once a solid match has been made between the two data sets, the address will be automatically managed and synchronised with master address list changes.

ADQM addresses will automatically be updated and the MPAN address will flow to MPRS via a DB02 update file. The browser interface that comes with ADQM allows users to review and accept matches as well as manually update any MPAN address directly.

ADQM also stores a number of data items such as customer build information and DTC data items such as customer special needs and can be expanded/tailored to hold further data items as the customer specifies/requires.

C&C Group has also deployed iterations of ADQM with two of the Big Six energy Retailers. PDS as its known is an essential component of ScottishPower’s SAP Fully Integrated System. A typical schematic set up of where ADQM sits within one of our esteemed customers environment is shown in the high level diagram below:




Effective Address management allows companies to maximise the use of one of its most important assets, the data they hold relating to customers and prospects. Accurate address data provides industry and individual companies with a wide range of commercial benefits, from better process management, improved customer service, operations and billing.

What the Client said:

“The ADQM System went live this weekend and I would like to express my thanks to those who were directly involved in achieving that over the three days. I very much appreciate the time commitment in the evenings and at a weekend and the work involved in delivering this. The work all went according to plan which is a great credit to all involved – a first class piece of work C&C!”

Central Address Base

Sitting alongside ADQM, as an additional component, C&C Group has developed a software solution, Central Address Base (CAB) which takes Address Base Premium data as provided by Ordnance Survey and loads it into its own database.


Figure 1 Central Address Base data model

CAB has already been deployed within 3 UK DNOs (and a large water organisation) and is fully optimised for faster and more intelligent querying. CAB includes additional tables, columns and indexes for better auditing and data query capabilities. CAB comes with validated load routines for the initial full data take on, as well as incremental updates. The schema conforms to the OS specification of Address Base Premium and comes with in-built APIs or customers can develop their own.

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C&C Group provides a powerful combination of software, data and manpower based services to help solve the complex data quality challenges utility organisations face. We take a holistic approach to helping our clients measure, analyse, improve and control their data for most effective use. We have been supplying data cleansing and address management services and products to the utilities sector for over fifteen years. We are the market leader as our broad and distinguished list of clients will testify to. We consider ourselves the market leader in this field and can provide a long list of satisfied customers to support this.




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